Located in İzmir, Turkey, Razz is more than just a burger joint – it’s a haven for burger enthusiasts seeking to step out of the ordinary dining experience. Their do-it-yourself concept reestablish a playground where customers will unleash their creativity as they build their perfect burger, choosing from a wide array of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Every element is thoughtfully selected, from juicy patties to artisanal toppings, to ensure a culinary masterpiece with every bite.

To capture the essence of the brand, we developed a custom logotype. Each letterform, with its imperfect style, reflects the individuality inherent in the DIY process, akin to selecting ingredients for a personalized burger. Inspired by street graffiti, our custom typeface adds a bold and street-style vibe to the brand. Seen across packaging, uniforms, pins and stickers – and splashed in Kelly Green – the identity doesn’t scream for attention, and yet manages to get it.

Our branding service for Razz encompassed various aspects, including naming, slogan, packaging, visual identity, communication design, and branding strategy. We carefully crafted every element to ensure a cohesive and memorable brand experience for Razz and its customers.


Creative Director
Çağıl Aygen
Çağıl Aygen
Valeryia Herasimava
Burak Barcik
Işıl Gün As
Interior Design
Sarper Onbeş