Located in İzmir, Turkey, Pally is a restaurant and cocktail bar that brings together the perfect ingredients for unforgettable memories: food, drink, and people. Their exceptional food, signature cocktails, selective luxury wines and global cuisine redefine the gastronomy scene in the city.

The choice of the 1940s as a reference for the logo and colours was inspired by the explosion of modernism during that period. Their brand identity is incredibly versatile, with multiple brand marks that adapt to their diverse offerings and experiences.

Our branding service includes menus, staff uniforms, coasters, signatures, various merchandises, and social media system to ensure a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint. Their dynamic social media presence have garnered an impressive 20,000+ followers on Instagram in just 6 months.


Creative Director
Çağıl Aygen
Çağıl Aygen
Valeryia Herasimava
Burak Barcık
Interior Design
Sarper Onbeş