Oli Oli


Located in İzmir, Turkey, ‘Oli ’Oli is a restaurant and cocktail bar designed to unite like-minded people around good vibes. Named after the Hawaiian word for “Joyful” and “Happy”, ‘Oli ‘Oli captures the warm essence of free-spiritedness through its cocktails, music and food.

To emphasize the sense of social community that ‘Oli ‘Oli builds, we developed a playful visual identity strategy. We chose a lime-like color for the visual language to represent youthful energy. The menu, referred to as “me-n-u”, is designed with a circular shape inspired by an inside joke, reflecting a sense of dazzling excitement. Additionally, we took proactive steps to create a stronger bond with the customers. We placed a photographer at every party to take photos of the guests, later sharing the links with them. As a result, ‘Oli ‘Oli became a place where people don’t have to interrupt their night to take a photo—they can simply be present and enjoy the moment.

Our branding service for ‘Oli ‘Oli encompassed various elements, including menu design, coasters, pins, social media planning, and art direction. At every step of our branding strategy, we aimed to strengthen the bonds between the customers and the brand.


Creative Director
Çağıl Aygen
Çağıl Aygen
Valeryia Herasimava
Ömer Aydoğan