Located in Palermo, Italy, K- Composites is a company that has been delivering innovative, customer-specific composite material solutions for over a decade. Their expertise in carbon fiber pultrusion and pullwinding technologies pushes the boundaries of innovation, allowing them to grow their global partners.

We collaborated with K- Composites to prepare them for the prestigious JEC 2023, the international composites show in Paris that aims to bring the industry together. By incorporating a sci-fi aesthetic into our visual communication strategy and consulting services, we aimed to highlight their innovative side at the show.

Our visual communication strategy and consulting services included 3D product cards, stand graphics, catalogue and brochures. By incorporating a sci-fi aesthetic into our design approach, we created futuristic technical illustrations that helped K-Composites develop a new, engaging way to communicate with potential customers. These virtual interaction cards displayed the technical details with QR code, making the information more accessible and captivating. Our strategy attracted attention from industry giants such as Boeing, Airbus, Ferrari, Tesla, Leonardo, and more to their booth.


Creative Director
Çağıl Aygen
Valeryia Herasimava