Isle Studio


Located in New York, USA, Isle Studio was founded by a photographer based in Brooklyn. Inspired by the aesthetic of certain lifestyle publications, he aimed to evoke a similar feeling to the album print industry, and that’s how Bespoke Books are borned. Timeless and modern, with simple layouts, this product is meant to encapsulate every detail of engagements, weddings and families story.

People enjoy picking up their books/photo albums off their coffee table or bookshelf and viewing on a regular basis, which was our main inspiration. The multi-purpose book packaging that transforms itself into a frame — makes Bespoke Book deserve a place in and out of the bookshelf. With our packaging design for Isle Studio, they have the option of showcasing the Bespoke Book as it stands as a frame or having it tucked away. These books truly do move with your life while being part of your home.


Creative Director
Çağıl Aygen
Çağıl Aygen
Nikolai Rizo